chronic disorder - 'help!'

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

'Makes No Sense at All' 8-song EP


  1. Death or Glory
  2. Gimme Some Truth
  3. Electric Victorians
  4. Makes No Sense At All
  5. Lost in the Supermarket
  6. Stepping Stone
  7. Love is All Around Now
  8. Wish I Was the Moon
Liner Notes:
Jason Nottingham: vocals, guitars, bass, drums (Stepping Stone)
Sean Lund: vocals and drums (Gimme Some Truth and Wish I Was The Moon)
Jason Ribeiro: drums (Makes No Sense At All)
Sam of "I'm Not Me": vocals (Makes No Sense At All)
Engineer: Jason (ChronDis basement lair), Jason Ribeiro (drums recording on Makes No Sense At All), Carson Lehman (London Bridge Studio - guitars and bass on Stepping Stone)
Mixed by: Jason

Executive producers: Spit Respectable and EV Clam
Label: Gustav Records
Catalog #: GTEP-007
  Producer Phil Ek early discography updated... now with 100% more 'chronic disorder'

"Waiting" from the 'Exercising the Demons' album

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